I’m Becky and I went from teaching the occasional student to creating my own home based successful music studio in just 3 months, TWICE!


I’ve been teaching since 1999, when my High School Band director asked me to teach a fellow band student how to play and read music better. I’ve known since Middle School I wanted to be a teacher. I started college as a music education major, but learned with my student teaching that public teaching just wasn’t the right fit for me. It wasn’t until my husband and I moved cross country that it was either find a job I didn’t really enjoy or finally start up my own studio. After searching for a job and not liking my options, I set out to just start and see what happened. I made it a goal to have 10 students within 3 months.

By using my Successful Studio Strategies I had 10 students within 2 weeks, and 20 students by the start of the new year after just 3 months of teaching. Now 11 years later, I’ve rebuilt my studio in another city after another move and have had a waiting list of eager parents ready to start. I’m ready to share my strategies to making a music studio successful and thriving!