How Successful Music Studio Strategies Online Courses Was Created

Successful Private Music Studio Strategies Online Courses

Successful Music Studio Strategies was created to help you create a Successful Private Music Studio. To help more people take that step in using their talents they worked so hard at to build their own business they are proud of!

I’m Becky Allen, private piano and french horn teacher and fitness enthusiasts. A couple years ago I joined our local Municipal Band as another opportunity to build on my own talents and keep me performing. While in the band I had talked to a few people who mentioned that they were struggling with loving their job but were doing it because it paid the bills. My first question, “Have you thought about teaching private music lessons?” They always looked at me like I was crazy because in their mind, teaching lessons wasn’t a viable income producer. But you guys, IT IS! You can make a complete business out of teaching private music lessons. It doesn’t and shouldn’t be this side hustle of teaching a couple students, making a couple extra bucks, but it really can be something that brings in a regular, steady and expected income. It became my mission to help educate and encourage more people that this is truly possible.

But, what I have found is that most people including myself don’t know how to get started with building a successful and thriving studio. I started teaching private lessons when I was 16 years old. Thanks to my Band Teacher who asked me to teach the new classmates assigned to horn, because we ALWAYS need more horns! I loved it! I loved it so much I went to college for a Music Education degree, but teaching at schools wasn’t the right fit for me. I knew that the private sector was where I wanted to be. Teaching at the student’s pace and really diving deep with the fundamentals and theory of music.

It wasn’t until we moved cross country and dreaded the fact of “finding” a job I decided I was ready to make a full studio with back to back lessons with a goal to create so much demand I would have a waiting list! When I decided I was ready to start teaching in my own home based private music studio I had no idea how to do the business end of things. I knew I needed a policy because that’s what “the professionals” had. 

I searched everywhere online and pieced together a policy based on suggestions. But it took me weeks to develop and would have been so much easier to have it done for me or at least had guidance on what I really needed! Once I did that I set my goal to have 10 students by the end of the year (in 3 months at this point) and I ended up having 13 students within my very first month, and 20 by the end of the year. Within a year of starting my studio I had a full studio and had already taught over 30 students with back to back lessons in my own home and bringing in a legitimate income.

12 years later I’m ready to share my strategies on what’s worked for me to have a thriving studio in multiple cities and to help make GETTING YOUR STUDIO STARTED EASIER! And it all started with a studio policy! 

GET YOUR SUCCESSFUL STUDIO POLICY Copy NOW HERE! What you get: Example texts that make it easy to use and customizable for your needs! Plus tutorial video with my top tips and private group to ask me questions directly! See you in the course!