Why You Need A Music Studio Policy


Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level and get the respect you deserve? I’ve seen it time and time again, private music teachers with a handful of students but not making a consistent income month to month and the stress of not being respected as a teacher with students canceling lessons last minute, and not valuing their time.

If you are teaching private lessons. YOU HAVE A BUSINESS. You are being requested to do something that you specialize in, and are getting paid for it, but why aren’t you getting the respect of anyone else doing a trade job.

You have to set yourself up as a professional and serious business owner from the start and that comes from having a Private Music Lesson and Studio Policy. It sets the expectations. It sets the tone. It sets the rules that you take your business seriously and that the student should too.

The studio policy is the first item in every “welcome packet” email I send out. Plus I have them print off 2 copies and bring it with them to their very first lesson where I collect a signed copy and file it away in my records and they keep the other.

“But I’ve been teaching lessons already, how do I give a new studio policy to my current students?” Even if you have been teaching for awhile you can still hand out a new studio policy. Let your student know that you have updated the policy and wanted them to go through it. And just like any contract, they need to sign it and you keep one signed copy and they keep the other. You just upped your professionalism.

Lessons should be a priority to you and the students. You are worth it to have the respect you deserve and to be taking seriously and not advantage of. Ready to get your BRAND NEW and Customizable Studio Policy? CLICK HERE to get your copy. I go step by step through your policy in my tutorial video to help you customize it to fit your needs and get it out to your students!

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