Private Music Lessons Practicing Incentives

private music lesson practicing incentive.jpg

Do you struggle getting your students to practice? The best way to help your students want to practice is through incentivizing. Give them a challenge and see what they do with it. Kids love to be challenged and when you make the reward SWEET they are more than likely going to do whatever they can to practice.

In my studio we have the 75 Days of Practicing Challenge in the spring. It really is a way ensure that they practice their recital songs. But really, everyone should reach the 75 days of practicing. The challenge is when they practice for more that 75 days.

75 Days Of Practicing Rules:

  • 15 week challenge (kids are already required to practice 5 days a week anyways)

  • At least 10 min practicing a day for it to count for a sticker

  • Reward for practicing 75 days (5 days a week for 15 weeks): Studio T-shirt (your student becomes a walking advertiser for your studio!)

  • Reward for practicing 90 days (6 days a week for 15 weeks): Studio T-shirt, candy bar of choice

  • Reward for practicing 103 days ( 7 days a week for 15 weeks): Studio T-shirt, candy bar of choice, bag of candy

  • Entire studio reaches 100 Days of practicing: Pizza party at Spring Recital

  • Entire Studio reaches 103 Days of Practicing: Pizza party and Ice Cream Party at Spring Recital!

There are plenty of other challenges or practicing programs you can do for your students but for us this has been the way to go! Comment below what practicing challenges that you have thought about or done in your studio!

Happy Teaching!

xo, Becky