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Use this iron clad, concrete and customizable studio policy with EXAMPLE TEXT to help you answer ALL the questions before they’re asked and show your professionalism before your new student arrives for their first lesson.

2 options available ON SALE NOW!!!

  • Basic Successful Music Studio Policy- Perfect starter policy template to answer all the questions before they happen.

  • Advanced Successful Music Studio Policy- The Basic Successful Music Studio Policy + 3 additional sections to increase your income per lesson, student retention and incentive system to bring new students to you!

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Customizable Studio Policy


Successful Music Studio Strategies Online Course

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Ready to start your own Successful private music studio but don’t know what to do or how to get started? Learn to Build, run and maintain a successful and THRIVING private music studio with this complete comprehensive 12 week course.

  • Video lessons taking you step by step through opening your doors to maintaining your studio.

  • Templates of all documents needed; including invoices, payments, income and more!

  • Strategies to help you grow your studio fast and keep it full and MORE!


Over 10 years ago I struggled finding a job after we moved cross country. I decided it was time to start my own home based private music studio. I set a HUGE goal to have 10 students within 3 months. I had 13 students within my first month, and over 20 students in my original 3 months goal. Within a year, I no longer had to advertise and had students coming to me.

I’m ready to share my tips on how I not only started my studio but how my studio has thrived, for years, in 2 different cities.